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Katie And The Mustang, Book 4 (hoofbeats)

Katie And The Mustang

Dutton Children's Books / Puffin

Author: Kathleen Duey

Orphaned nine-year-old Katie Rose is sent to live with the Stevenses, and her backbreaking toil is eased by the relationship she develops with a mustang Mr. Stevens brings home.
Kids love Katie And The Mustang . The author is Kathleen Duey and it was published around May of 2004 by Dutton Children's Books / Puffin. The hardcover kids book talks about Mustang and it is deemed incredibly good fiction. This is the 1st ed. has 144 pages. The kids book emphasizes History, Orphans and Horses.

With trepidation, Katie continues Westward with the Kylers. While the Kylers in addition to the others begin the search for land, Katie's worst fears are confirmed. Then she realizes that she has brought the Mustang home, and she cannot keep him with her anymore. Her uncle is not there. Left with no family and without the Mustang to rely on, Katie need to find her personal way. The mountainous terrain tends to make for difficult traveling, and they arrive in Oregon shortly before the winter snows hit.


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